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As the date for the publication of “A Reign Supreme” started growing near, I posted some photographs I had taken on safari in Africa on my facebook author page which inspired certain encounters in my novel. Liz Isaacs at Premier Digital Publishing loved them and suggested using them as the spine  for a book trailer to help get the word out. Since this was my first entry into the literary arena, I was unaware that authors were using this tool to reach potential readers. But this is the world we are presently living in and I am learning each and every day of the incredible variety of amazing social media forums to reach my audience. I’m an old school kind of guy and resisted this kind of effort but I have put my heart and soul into this project and believe it has the ability to entertain people, inform them of much I have learned and in so doing, enrich their lives.

I knew I wanted the soundtrack to be “Amazing Grace” which is the song 16 year old Curtis Jackson is performing on his tenor saxophone at his high school music recital in the opening page of the Prologue of the novel.

I contacted Jeff Lorber who engineered and mixed my “Smooth” cd I produced with jazz guitarist John Chiodini and asked him to suggest a tenor sax player who could lay down the track. Without any hesitation, he suggested reed virtuoso Bob Sheppard.

Bob was totally into doing it and sent me a couple of different versions that I could choose from. They were both great but something didn’t feel right about the shape of the performances. And then I hit on the idea that the hymn should be performed in the style of John Coltrane – a more abstract kind of free improvisational interpretation.

Bob completely nailed it and that is the performance you hear on the soundtrack.

I then reconnected with my old friend Brent Carpenter, a gifted director and incredible video editor, to work with me on putting it together.

The stunning photographs of Manhattan were taken by my dear friend from Long Beach, Long Island, Joey Josephs.

As I previously mentioned, the photographs of Africa were taken by me on the trip to Africa that inspired me to write the novel.

I hope you enjoy it and it arouses your interest in reading the book.

Oh, yeah. If you don’t mind, do me a favor.

Tell all your friends about it as well…


It’s no secret that I am absolutely loving this whole “writing a book” thing. And because I am in a constant high and delirium of excitement, I am not even entirely sure if I care at this point if my book is good. I mean, I know it’s legible but I am just so damn excited and think it’s amazing. I’m like one of those annoying moms who shoves pictures of her kids in your face and drives around in a minivan with stickers like this:


Her poor vagina!


Anywho- as I was researching the self-publishing process, I started to learn more about marketing and the process of getting the actual book to market and learned that a lot of authors were now making book trailers. And on one particular sleep-eluding night, I decided to try my hand at making one. Similar to how I learned how to make my own graphics, I went to YouTube and online tutorials to guide my way.


So without further ado:

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