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This is a partial (and not completely working answer) using , and .

Sorting descending by year is easy (), but it get's difficult because we have to wrap the year and the rest of the bibliography into .

What I tried to do is: First, remove the brackets and delimiter from the year; Second, remove the year from the author bibmacro; Third go directly into the Bibliography Driver for , change the order and wrap everything into .

As lockstep discusses, changing the driver directly can be a bad idea (but here I don't see another way). The answer is incomplete in the sense that in only works for articles here, and that there is a ghost-line between entries that I can't get rid of.

Edit: I just saw in your comments that the template of your choice is not in KOMA-CV. Would you consider switching your template? Fixing my answer to make it properly working is probably easier than doing the same in BibTeX.

Well, in my comment I wrote "for example". That ment that there are several questions related to the tags and on this page.

At last combining some of them can lead you to the following solution. That's what I did. You asked:

  1. How can I get rid of the Publications titles?
  2. How can I use only some of the entries of my file? Alternatively, one could make different files for each subsection, but it seems that it is not possible to include multiple files using .
  3. The numbers 1, ... seem to work with . But what if I want to use an other style such as plain? In the latter case, the numbers disappear.
  4. How can I put the items in reverse order? So if my file consists of entries

Answers to the list above:

  1. That depends on the method you use for creating the bibliography. I used . Then you can use command . Option gives the wanted heading.
  2. Please create an own file for your cv. That has seceral advantages: it keeps the file small, you can locate errors inside it better and you have only the entries inside you really need for your cv. Otherwise it is easier to check if all entries are added.
  3. At last this depends on the used style and used package or not. Decide what you want and your that layout. I realy think there is no reason to change the labels, if you do not want to use no labels (see my linked answer in my comment).
  4. Reverse order does mean the latest thesis or paper first, the latest document last? That means you have to do two things: sorting the entries by year descending to get the wanted order and a method to change the numbering to be reverse (at last command ).

Now please check the following MWE:

and the result:

At last a remark:

because we use we have a little problem counting the entries for each section ("Theses" and "Papers"). It seems that did only see all "nocited" bib entries.

That's the reason we write the code above to have two thesis numbered in the way we want.

The following command adds more entries to the total sum of "nocited" entries. In my example total 5. So we need to write:

We have total 5 nocited entries, but in the section "papers" we will print only 3. To get the right numbers we have to tell the total number of nocited entries.

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