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Sixth Form Personal Statement

My Personal Statement Values hopes and plans: I am currently in year 11 at Harrogate Grammar School studying: Maths English (Literature and Language) French I.T (Short Course) Religious Studies (Short Course) Business Studies Physical Education Biology Physics Chemistry Drama Since my very first day at Harrogate Grammar school I have not worked to my full potential. Now, 3months before my GCSE's, I have realised that everyday of the past five years at this school have been of great importance to my future, from general lessons to participation in house competitions and events. I have not attended all lessons, due to laziness and selfishness. So I am now suffering the consequences by working every hour I have spare to catch up with late coursework, homework's and work missed. I am struggling incredibly trying to get all work in on the final deadline date. I am getting a tremendous amount of support from my parents, teachers and peers who still all seem to have a great amount of faith in me

I now have a lot of faith in myself as well, to get all the work handed in on time but it is going to take a lot of hard work on my behalf. I have spoken to quite a lot of friends who are now in 6th form and who are taking similar subjects to what I would like to take and they have all said that they're thoroughly enjoying it so I am determined to get into Grammar 6th form and work to my full potential as I know I can do. All of my friends are planning on entering the 6th form here and they will probably get in, I will be extremely upset and humiliated if I don't get the chances in life that they do but I know its down to me now so I am hoping I can pick up my grades to be able to get a good head start in my career

Next year I would like to take English literature and English language combined and for my further three choices I am going to choose Theatre studies, Media studies and Sociology. I have chosen these 4 subjects because I am hoping to go into journalism and hopefully become a theatre critic then from there I would maybe choose to work in television either acting or presenting or maybe work in radio

I know that as I mature my decisions in career may change, therefore I would like my a-level studies to reflect a wide range of opportunities

Ever since visiting Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London I've been fascinated by the history of theatres. I was fortunate enough to work at my local theatre this summer and in drama lessons we got to write about a few plays we learnt about such as 'Teechers' and 'Billy Liar'

I am really looking forward to studying these subjects whether it is at 6th form or at a local college. Drama has always been of great interest to me and I thoroughly enjoy reading and writing so I feel that getting involved with these subjects will hopefully send me down the right track to where I eventually want to end up

In the past I have had many problems with meeting deadlines and attending all lessons but I know how much time I have now wasted and I would really like to be given a final chance to show my abilities

I am reliable, I can cope well with pressure, I am a helpful member of the class and can work well in a team, I have good relationships with my peers, I can give and receive criticism at the right times e.g

debates, I am very confident and will always state my opinions when needed and I have good initiative. My organisation skills are not always up to scratch, so I think that this can be worked on but I prefer to work in a group so as to get a wide range of opinions so hopefully my peers can help me with this. I am willing to pull out all the stops to get to where I want to be

I have had quite a few responsibilities throughout the very start of secondary school. I came to this school wanting to make an impression so I involved myself in every way I could

Firstly I was the female Senate Representative for the year, this lasted until year 8. I attended all the meetings and carried out all tasks that were put forward. Until year 10 I was on the netball and hockey team, I participated in all sports related charity and house events, such as the house basketball competitions, house/boy vs. girls football and all netball competitions, I took part in every sports day and I even took part in the charity event 'Stars in your Eyes' and the inter-house dance competition where we came 2nd place and was a lot of fun. Last year I had a brilliant time taking part in the school production of 'Jesus Christ Superstar', where I was in the chorus and had two small singing parts and was a dancer alongside 7 other girls

So I have had a lot of involvement in extra-curricular activities in school. Out of school I was part of the Harrogate School of Gymnastics master-class for just under 11 years but had to leave due to health issues but still attend a couple of classes a week when they need help with the younger classes. Two years ago I danced at the Royal Hall in Harrogate as part of a dance class for ages 13-16. I really enjoyed working with other girls with the same interests as I have. I have also attended horse-riding lessons, salsa classes and was a part of Harrogate Theatres amateur drama group for 2 years. In my spare time I enjoy going out with friends, dancing and reading novels

I spent my work experience working in a jewellery warehouse where I improved my knowledge of computers and worked together with other employees stock taking and sorting. I thoroughly enjoyed my work experience and I got a wider view of how businesses work on a day-to-day basis

Overall I think I would be a great asset to Harrogate Grammar Schools 6th form, I am really looking forward to coming back to the school next year so I can concentrate on my studies and fulfil my potential

I want to continue at university and end up with a career that is both interesting and enjoyable.


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Sixth Form Personal Statement

I attend xxxxxxxxxxxxxx School. I am currently studying a range of GCSE's including Maths, English Language and Literature, Double Science, French, Geography, IT and Food Technology. I enjoy IT and Food Technology because I find them interesting to learn. My favourite subject is English as I enjoy reading, writing, using a wide range of vocabulary and evaluating characters from novels

I have been a member of the girls' basketball team. I completed my work experience in a shoe shop and gained various skills including how to deal with difficult customers and learned how to communicate with customers which helped me for the future

I like reading, watching films, listening to music, playing basketball and socialising with friends and family. My friends and family say I am a pleasant, kind, caring, considerate and quiet person. I would say other people see me as a kind, friendly, respectful and down to earth person

I intend to go onto college after finishing school and study A levels

I would like to take English Language, Economics, Law and History. I would like to become a lawyer. I understand that there are different areas a lawyer can work in and I am not sure of the type of lawyer I want to become. I would like to legally represent people and help them with problems they have. I am a tolerant, hardworking, polite and friendly person.

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