Difference Between Assignments And Projects

Difference Between Assignment and Homework

According to Herbert Spencer, “The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action.” Learning a subject and apply the knowledge is the most important part of education. For learning any subject from the root, assignments and homework are necessary. These processes help to improve the skill and knowledge of educatees. Sometimes, students have a question know. The question is- what is the difference between assignment and homework?

Assignments and homework both are necessary for the improvement of students. Here, I want to share my experience. I had confusion between assignments and homework. One day I decided to ask it to my teacher. He solved my doubts and explained in detail what is the difference between assignment and homework? Here, I have mentioned here the difference for those students who have the same doubt like me. If you need homework assignment help, choose tutors for help.

What is the difference between assignment and homework?

Before knowing the difference, we should discuss about assignment and homework.


An assignment is given by the teachers and this is a piece of work. It is assignments by the class teacher so that students can take active part in learning the subject. This is the part of the job.


Students get homework also by their teacher but they have to do it at home. They get homework daily on the basis of topic that they learn in their school or college. Doing regular homework helps to get a better understanding of the subject. If students follow this, they can easily prepare themselves for their exam.

Here, for clearing any idea about the difference between assignments and homework, you have to know the proper definition of these.


  • Definition of assignment:

A piece of task assigned to the students as a course of study or a part of the job.

A task is given by the teachers of the schools or college to do at home.


If you want to knowwhat is the difference between assignment and homework? You must know that the purposes are also different.


There are several purposes of doing assignments. These are:

  • Assignments help students to learn the process of studying.
  • This process helps students to train them for leaning learning a particular subject very properly.


You will get numerous benefits if you have the habit of doing homework regularly. These are:

  • You can improve your skill.
  • It makes a good habit that is very helpful for understanding the topic.
  • With the help of the daily homework practice, you can prepare yourself for your coming exam.
  • If you have the habit of doing homework, you will not forget the topic. It helps to increase the confidence of students.
  • For doing this, you have to interact with the other friends and can get information from them.
  • In this way, students can make a better relationship to their teachers, friends and parents.

These are the difference. I think you are getting the answer of the question- what is the difference between assignment and homework?



  • Students get guidance how to finish their tasks.
  • Here, teachers help them to point out what they have to do.
  • This is the responsibility of the teachers to motivate students. At the time of doing assignments, students get motivation from their teachers.
  • It is quite natural that students will face several problems so they need help. Here, teachers find out the difficulties that students face and they suggest some solutions to come out from this problem.


The function of the homework is to find out the difficulties of the students and help them to solve their problem. Homework is the best way to prepare the students for their exam. Here, you can find the answer of- what is the difference between assignment and homework?


There are several advantages of doing the assignment. Assignment and homework both are not same. There are many differences between them when we discuss about the advantages.

The advantages of doing assignments are mentioned below.
  • It helps students to connect with their study material.
  • They can get the perspective of the experienced persons.
  • It helps pupils to reflect their skill and they become serious about their future.
  • In this way, they can present their personal views.
  • This connectivity helps to improve the skill of the educatees and helps to learn their difficult topic very easily.
  • It gives them chances to reflect their own perspectives and they spend their time to invent new things.
  • It allows students to think about a subject from a different point of view. As a result, teachers can know the insight of the students. In future, this knowledge and different way of thinking will help them to improve their career.
  • This is an effective way of learning any subject.

Your question is- what is the difference between assignment and homework? So, now you have to understand the benefits of homework.

Benefits of homework:

On the other hand, there are several advantages that a student can get if he or she does homework regularly. These are:

  • Students come learn the way of setting priorities.
  • They can know the way of solving problems related to their studies.
  • Pupils learn the technique of time management with the help of homework.
  • This is one of the effective ways of understanding the subject.
  • Students get the chances to review what they have learnt in their classes.
  • It helps them to understand their responsibilities that they have to perform for learning any subject.
  • They learn the way of doing any work independently.
  • Homework creates an understanding in the student that students have to do several things when they do not want.
  • It helps to know the necessity of doing any task in a planned and organized way.

Nelson Mandela opined, “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.” So, if teachers want to teach their students in a perfect way, they should think about the assignments and homework. These are different. So, you should not avoid any one. Both are effective and both help for improving the students. The above mentioned discussions are the answer of the question- What is the difference between assignment and homework? If you have any other idea, you can share your own idea with us. We are ready to know your views.


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The Difference Between Projects And Project-Based Learning

by TeachThought Staff

Projects in the classroom are as old as the classroom itself.

“Projects” can represent a range of tasks that can be done at home or in the classroom, by parents or groups of students, quickly or over time. While project-based learning (PBL) also features projects, in PBL the focus is more on the process of learning and learner-peer-content interaction that the end-product itself.

The learning process is also personalized in a progressive PBL environment by students asking important questions, and making changes to products and ideas based on individual and collective response to those questions. In PBL, the projects only serve as an infrastructure to allow users to play, experiment, use simulations, address authentic issues, and work with relevant peers and community members in pursuit of knowledge.

By design, PBL is learner-centered. Students don’t simply choose between two highly academic projects to complete by a given date, but instead use the teacher’s experience to design and iterate products and projects–products and projects that often address issues or challenges that are important to them.

The chart below by Amy Mayer is helpful to clarify that important difference between projects and project-based learning. Ultimately, the biggest difference is the process itself.

What’s the Difference Between “Doing Projects” and Project Based Learning ?Image attribution flickr user josekevo; The Difference Between Projects And Project-Based Learning; © Amy Mayer, @friEdTechnology, The Original WOW! Academy, www.friEdTechnology.com Please copy and use freely!

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