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Knowledge, skills and creativity – The foundations of B. Arch and M. Arch

A few prerequisites to become an architect are universal; you need talent and enthusiasm for mathematics, and you need graphical skills, as well as a lot of knowledge and understanding of physics, building materials, structural mechanics, building techniques and processes, building regulations, etc., and while in contrast to these universals the conditions of architectural studies may vary between the different countries, they all nevertheless include lessons in both theory and practical experience. They also regard the B. Arch. as only the first step to becoming an architect, which must be followed by the M.Arch. Therefore, two theses need to be written on your way to becoming a registered architect—which will be easy for those whose talent for dealing with words matches their talent for dealing with numbers. However, if you’re not one of these people, or if you'd rather or need to focus on things other than writing, then our architecture writing service will support you.

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