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Posted on: 2/03/2018

The German Exchange Trip to Bavaria – Miss Tomes

Students had an amazing time in two small towns near Munich: they were so warmly welcomed by their host families and there were many emotional goodbyes at the airport yesterday.  We went to Munich to visit the Marienplatz, with its famous dancing clock, the Hofbräu beer hall (don’t worry, we only walked though – no sampling occurred), a beautiful Baroque church and a food market before going shopping. Students spent three mornings in school, attending lessons and going on work experience with their partners. Two afternoons were spent visiting both the BMW factory, where we saw all parts of the production of some very nice cars, and the Allianz arena, home to Bayern München. Thanks to some luck and skilful driving by the coach driver, all students got home safely yesterday. Their behaviour has made us proud at DGSB and they can be proud of themselves of the adventure they had learning all about German and Bavarian customs and culture.

Posted on: 9/03/2018

Parent Weekly Bulletin-Week Ending 16 March 2018


Posted on: 5/03/2018

Gold Medal Sparring Success for DGSB Student at the South East Taekwondo Championships.

A big congratulations go out to our Yr7 student Ryan Baillie on his recent gold medal success.   Over the last weekend Ryan took part in the South East Taekwondo Championships and picked up the award for his sensational sparring.    Taekwondo requires a high level of physical self control and expertise, and winning an award is no mean feat.  Well done Ryan for your amazing efforts, keep up the good work and aim high!

Posted on: 2/03/2018

Parent Weekly Bulletin - Week ending 09 March 2018


Posted on: 23/02/2018

Parent Weekly Bulletin - Week ending Friday 02 March 2018


Posted on: 22/02/2018

Wembley Success for Raife Broadley in His First season with Team Green Kawasaki

A massive congratulations go out to Raife Broadley who has recently completed his first season with Team Green Kawasaki with a 3rd place round 7 win at Wembley - the final round of the Arenacross. Everyone at DGSB has been following Raife's progress over the season and are immensley proud af his 3rd place success in the 2018 Championship.  This is an amazing result for his first season with Team Green Kawasaki and just the start of more great things to come.  Raife has undoubtedly impressed everyone there with his attitude, performance and results and should be very proud of his achievements  - as we all are.

Posted on: 9/02/2018

Parent Weekly Bulletin Week Ending-Friday 16th February 2018


Posted on: 2/02/2018

Parent Weekly Bulletin - Week ending Friday 09 February 2018


Posted on: 26/01/2018

Parent Weekly Bulletin - Week ending Friday 02 February 2018


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