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 Creative titles for an essay against abortion?

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Asked at 2011.03.29 00:38:54
I just finished writing a persuasive essay against abortion. I want a deep title that has meaning to it. I was thinking of something about ending a life before it even starts or something like that. Any suggestions?
answer carl Answered at 2011.03.29 00:38:54
Your question reminds me of when I was in college almost 20 years ago. I wrote an essay on abortion for my English class. It persuaded my teacher to become pro-life. Back then I researched that there were more babies killed in abortion than people killed in all of the world wars (I and II), the Korean war, and the Vietnam war all put together. And that was almost 20 years ago. Today, the figure is much higher. Perhaps, you could call it, 'The Silent Holocaust'.
elizabethAnswered at 2013.11.09 01:30:25
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12 Unexplored Topics For A Research Paper On Abortion

Abortion has always been and will probably always be a controversial subject. Deciding whether or not to have one is a matter of conscience and has emotional consequences for women faced with the dilemma. You should always try to deal sensitively and impartially to subjects such as this when writing your research paper. I frequently get asked about the best topics to explore for an essay on abortion. I think the key is trying to look at it from a slightly different angle. Tread a less worn path than the one followed by your fellow students. If you are in need of a little inspiration, here are 12 unexplored topics to help you out:

  • More than just a woman’s right to choose – Is there a case to be made for grandparents getting input into whether a woman should abort their grandchild?
  • The right to protest – Do some protestors get away with too much? Is openly haranguing a woman on her way into an abortion clinic simply a case of exercising our democratic right to protest? Is it a form of abuse in itself? Where do we draw the lines?
  • Are there ever any circumstances where a woman should be forced by the state to abort her child?
  • Are there any merits to the Chinese stance on family control? Does the state have a moral responsibility to control the size of its population, and are state-sponsored abortions a legitimate means of implementing this policy?
  • Explore the impact on the relationship between mother and father, when the mother aborts the child without the father’s consent.
  • Should abortion be discussed more openly in schools? Should education on this subject be mandatory for the over thirteens?
  • Should abortion clinics be allowed to make a profit? Is it right that business owners should live on profits made through terminating pregnancies?
  • Is the argument that if abortions were made illegal, more women would resort to using knitting needles just a scaremongering tactic dreamed up by pro-abortion campaigners?
  • Should women be limited to only having one abortion in their lifetime? Two at a stretch? What price do we put on human life? Should women who have several abortions be forcibly sterilized?
  • Is there an argument to compel women to consider putting up their babies for adoption rather than terminating the pregnancy?
  • Can abortion ever be viewed as murder or homicide?
  • Should the upper limit for legally terminating a pregnancy be raised even higher than the 24 weeks that it currently is in the U.K? Is there an argument to support allowing a woman to terminate right up until full-term?
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