Sriracha Documentary Review Essay

"Sriracha," a 33-minute film all about everyone's favorite condiment, debuted online Wednesday.

What started as a Kickstarter campaign turned into a movie that takes filmmaker Griffin Hammond from the Huy Fong Foods factory, where the ubiquitous rooster sauce is made, to the town of Si Racha, Thailand, where sriarcha hot sauce originated.

If any subject was prime for a documentary, it is definitely the spicy sauce with the massive cult following. Its backstory is somewhat mysterious, and its fans are zealous. In the last few months, the Huy Fong Food factory has been all over the news with a lawsuit over "offensive odors" resulting in the factory's partial shutdown. While fans everywhere wonder what will become of the factory, sriracha products -- like the recently released sriracha vodka -- continue to inundate the market.

If you haven't yet tired of this extraordinarily trendy hot sauce, you can watch the documentary online for only $5.

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It's our Kickstarter anniversary—one year ago, you funded Sriracha! To celebrate, you can share the film with friends for half price! Just tell them to visit, and use the coupon code HOT STUFF (50% off). 

I also have exciting personal news, and a super sale on Blu-rays and posters (below)!

Thanks to you, it's been a great year:

  • Jul 19—1,315 amazing backers funded $21,009
  • Nov 28—Completed film released to Kickstarter backers
  • Dec 11—Public release; San Francisco Chronicle calls it "Gorgeously shot"
  • Feb 4—First film festival acceptance. (Sriracha is now the official selection of 15 film festivals!)
  • Mar 6—Blu-rays hit the market!
  • Apr 5—Translated into Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Thai and Vietnamese
  • Apr 13—Won "Best Short Doc" at DisOrient Asian American Film Festival (Eugene, OR).
  • Jun 3—Los Angeles premiere
  • Jun 25—Screening at the Vimeo headquarters in NYC

And still more to come—the Canadian premiere on August 15, launching on Amazon Instant Video and iTunes soon! 

This film landed me a new job!

I made this film for one reason—it's a story I care about; it's a film I wanted to see. And it's been incredible to discover the opportunities that a passion project leads to. Thanks to this film, Bloomberg Politics offered me a great job covering the 2016 presidential campaigns! My wife Amy and I are now moving from Illinois to NYC for an exciting new chapter of our lives. Without you, this couldn't have happened. Thank you.

Liquidation sale on Blu-rays and posters

Now that I'm moving, I need to lighten my load on Sriracha Blu-rays and movie posters, so for a limited time, I'm dropping the Blu-ray price to $15, and the movie poster price to only $5! In fact, you can buy both, bundled, for only $17.50!

Thank you again for all our your support!

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