Dissertation Presentation Layout Sheet

PowerPoint Presentation templates

Each presentation template includes layouts on white, cream and coloured backgrounds. The example slides contain instructions about how to use the templates.

Different templates are available for large format posters.and temporary signs.

Dyslexia friendly layout

Each template includes the option of using layouts with a cream background. This is included for people with dyslexia who tend to find slides more readable with low contrast between text and background. For guidance on choosing layouts, please see Slide 3 in each of the example presentations.

The Dyslexia Style Guide from the British Dyslexia Association provides guidance for creating dyslexia friendly materials.

Online help for PowerPoint is available on the IT Help website.


Download a certificate template (log-in required), add the details required and send to Print Services for printing. Please follow the detailed instructions within each template.

Cover templates for reports or dissertations (MS Word)

These Word templates include a good quality black and white or colour logo. They should only be used for simple, text-based covers that will be laser printed.

Cover templates for student handbooks are available on the Student and Academic Services site.

Other Word templates


University stationery (invitations, branded letterheads, business cards and compliment slips) can be ordered from Print Services.

If you have any comments about these templates please contact Jon Shears (jems1@le.ac.uk )

BU Dissertation Template

We know that there’s been some demand for a Microsoft Word dissertation template for BU students to use. We have created one, but with a BIG DISCLAIMER: it is neither “official” (in that you don’t have to use it) nor fool-proof. It’s not locked down: you’re welcome to mess things up. If you follow the enclosed instructions, however, it might make life easier for you.

Feedback on the template is welcome: we’re always looking to improve it. Please email Eleni Castro with any words of constructive wisdom.

BU Dissertation Template (last modified: November 6, 2013)

  • November 6: corrected font size for Chapter 1, Section 2 from 13pt to 12pt

BU Dissertation Template Instructions (last modified: October 30, 2013)

For those of you working in LaTeX: the Math Department has graciously made a LaTeX template available; and BU Engineering has made another LaTeX template available for MS theses and PhD dissertations. The Astronomy Department has a template as well. We are unable to provide LaTeX-specific help, but this should get you started. We are thankful to these departments for sharing.

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