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Any ideas for the writing topic for the CBEST exam

Hi Janeypooh

Here are some writing topics which I read from CBEST reviewers. There are not the actual cbest essay but it you can use it more to practice you essay writing,

Topic 1: Sometimes success is harder to accept than failure. Write about such situation you faced when success brought its own difficulties. What brought on your success? What difficulties accompanied it? What did you learn from this?

Topic 2: "A friend in power is a friend lost." Do you agree or disagree with this statement by Henry Brooks Adams? Support your ideas with reasoning and examples.

Topic 3: The basic social standards of tolerance, honesty and responsibility are many of the important pieces of information children learn in the classroom. In this way, they learn how to function in society at large. Write about an experience in a classroom when you learned about one of these standards. Did it have a lastinf effect on you? Why or why not?

Hope it will help you.

I'm not clear what you are asking. Are you wondering what the topics might be? Or, are you looking for sample topics to use in writing practice essays? Have you visited the CBEST website?

Hey, this is third time you've asked this question! At least this time you put it in its own thread, I suppose.

Okay, I just moved another answer from yet another thread you posted that was identical to this one, which I then deleted. If you spam the forums like this again, I will be forced to suspend your membership. So please, don't.

I just placed the same warning on another thread. Possibly you are doing this in good faith, just trying to ask different members the same question. Whatever your motivation, though, just stop.

I'm so sorry! I don't want this to be spam. I'm getting ready to take the exam on August 8th. I'm still trying to get aquainted with this forum. Please bare with me. I just wanted sample of the CBEST writing topics.

Say, thanks for asking this question. I am also new and had no idea about the CBEST, but I live in Oregon so I may want to take this sometime.

Anyway, I had an idea about how you can prepare for this test, but it would take a little of your time. The book I'm using for my college writing class there are all kinds of sample questions that go with different readings. You might be able to get something similar at the library or just samples online. The book I am using is called "Patterns for a Purpose." The questions are actually related to different essays but they would keep you in the habit of writing answers using the writing styles that the CBEST is going to require.

According to Wikipedia the scoring is based on the following areas. My course book is designed to strengthen these areas.

CBEST Writing Score Scale
1- Rhetorical Force
2- Organization
3- Support and Development
4- Usage
5- Structure and conventions
6- Appropriateness

Personally it still takes me about an hour to write a three paragraph essay answering one question about something I read so I would have to do this a lot to get down to 1/2 hour for each.

Best of luck on your test.

As I have said on the other threads where you asked this question, visit the CBEST website and follow their guidelines for test preparation.


You can check out this website for sample cbest past essay questions


Hope pass the exam

Merged:I over analize the CBEST writing topics (how to write freely?)

Hi all,

I have a problem with the CBEST writing topics. I over analize the topics. I think and think that it takes me a while to start writing. How can I just write freely without over thinking about the topic.


Writing without thinking isn't that difficult. In fact, judging from many of the essays posted here, it is far easier to do than writing thoughtfully. Just start putting down your ideas, and trust that you will end up saying something intelligent. It will help if you have a lot of familiarity with the subject matter, so that you already have a pretty good idea of what you plan to say for any given topic.

Everyone has different ways of processing information, so what is right for me might now be what is right for you. For me, it is EASY to write if I just read a few articles about the topic. While I read, I get ideas, and I write a sentence. But the sentence needs to be explained, so I write another sentence! Then, I write one more and conclude the paragraph!

So... writing and reading and writing and reading...


Chris Nicholas Boosalis, Ph.D.cboosalis@csustan.eduPage 2

may wish to try before putting your pen to the actual test paper. Generating ideas first usingquick writes or quick lists is always a good idea, and we will look at this technique a couple oftimes when we deconstruct responses that scored highly. Below is a cursory example.Presume that you have been asked to write on the subject of deserts. You could use the topicto generate a list of items quickly:

Dry, food, water, hot, cactus, sand dunes, boulders, snakes, shelter tents, thunderstorms,sand storms, nomads, scorpions, camels 

You may wish to use this process on the questions that we will review in this document, soyou can determine if the process will be effective for you or not. Of course, feel free todevelop or locate other available methods if you don’t like what I present on brainstorming.OrganizationClearly, a well-organized essay will probably score more highly than a disorganized essay,even if they contain roughly the same information. Think of it this way: If you have evergraded a stack of essays, then you know that you might have been very generous withessays beginning with the last name


but when you finally arrive at


essay, you may have been far less forgiving if you have to hunt for the information. For thepurpose of the exam, please consider that your last name begins with the letter Z and that itwill be read by someone who is probably very tired; therefore, your job is to make thatassessor’s life a bit easier by organizing your response in advance of actually writing it out.Brainstorming and Organization go hand in hand. After generating a list of topics, you will seehow to organize them into categories and frameworks depending on the type of given essay.Continuing with the example from the subjects of deserts, you could quickly organize youritems into dominant and subcategories that would make up the body paragraphs of youressay:The following are some typical organizational patterns for both expository and persuasivewriting:

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