Whimsical Faster Homework Meme

Simstopics Faster Homework 2.4

Faster Homework!

  1. Compatibility:
    Update: 3/8/2018 - PC / Mac No update needed
    ⚠️Update Log⚠️ (Only listing patches starting with May 25th that needed an update!!)
    May 25th
    June 25th: Updated resource code for support of Parenthood pack
    November 7th
    December 12th

    This mod speeds up the time it takes child and teens to do homework, extra credit and make up homework!

    Edited Resources: (any other mod that edits these will conflict together)

    To install: download and extract the .rar and put the .package into your Mods folder!
    • 0C772E27!00000000!0000000000007900.Loot_Commodity_Homework_Default.ActionTuning
    • E882D22F!00000000!000000000000846D.Book_Homework_Child-ExtraCredit.InteractionTuning
    • E882D22F!00000000!000000000000846E.Book_Homework_Teen-ExtraCredit.InteractionTuning
    • E882D22F!00000000!000000000000846F.Book_Homework_Teen-Makeup.InteractionTuning
    • E882D22F!00000000!0000000000008467.Book_Homework_Child-Makeup.InteractionTuning
    • 0C772E27!00000000!000000000001829C.Loot_Commodity_Homework_Help.ActionTuning

Recent Reviews

  1. HotaruluVersion: 2.2
    This is a great mod if you don't want your sims using too long on their homework, so they can concentrate on other stuff and skills
  2. Starry MightVersion: 2.1
    The only reason I'm giving this four stars is that it seems *TOO* fast now. X-D Still, thanks for making this! ^_^
  3. IslaroseVersion: 2.1
    This mod has been so useful and reliable. Really helpful if you do a lot of family play!

Portrait Photography, Whimsical, Hilarious, Hilarious Stuff, Headshot Photography, Funny, Portraits

Portrait Photography, Whimsical, Headshot Photography, Portraits

Whimsical, Memes, Hilarious, Hilarious Stuff, Meme, Funny

Whimsical, Laughing, Beards, Beard Style

The WHIMSICAL Woodman memes

Beards of Legend memes viral images. here we have Chronicker Photography's photoshoot of the whimsical woodsman
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