Assignment Calendar

Use the Mastering assignments calendar

Setting dates for assignments even before students enroll provides the advantage of displaying all assignments in the Mastering Gradebook, and enabling you to align the total points for Mastering assignments with your syllabus. For considerations about availability dates, see Make an assignment available to students.

Note: Only the following kinds of assignments appear in the calendar: standard Mastering assignments, Adaptive Follow-Up assignments, and Dynamic Study Module assignments. Scores for Offline Activities and Learning Catalytics sessions can be included in the Mastering Gradebook, but they cannot be added to the calendar.

Unless indicated otherwise, you can complete all of the following tasks from the calendar that appears on the Mastering Course Home or the Assignments tab.

Schedule or delete an assignment

To schedule an assignment (Assignments tab only)
  1. If necessary, advance the calendar to the month in which you want one or more assignments to be due.
  2. Drag an undated assignment onto the calendar, to the date the assignment will be due.

    Assignments with dates appear at the top of the list in chronological order, followed by undated assignments in alphabetical order. An undated assignment displays dashes instead of a date. When you point to any listed assignment, your pointer changes to a move icon, often a 4-pointed arrow. View an image

  3. Accept or edit the time the assignment is Due on the selected date, and, if applicable, the From and Until dates and times for availability to students for work or review. View an image

    The default availability dates and times are:

    • Due Time = 11:59 pm in the time zone specified in the course settings for this course. If students are in different time zones, caution them to observe this deadline time, not their local time.

    • From = One week before the due date and time.
    • Until = Last day of the term. Consider accepting this date so students can review the assignment later.
To reschedule an assignment

Use either of the methods described in the following table.

An Adaptive Follow-Up assignment is automatically rescheduled when you drag its Parent assignment to a new due date.

Drag an assignment from its current due date to a new due date in the same month.

Quick and easy from either the Course Home or the Assignments Calendar View.

You might do this if your due dates should be Tuesdays and Thursdays, and you are using a copy of a course that has due dates in the same term on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Assignments Calendar View only

  1. Advance the calendar to a different month to which you want to move the assignment.
  2. Drag the assignment from the list on the left to the new due date.

You can drag an assignment to a date several months away from the original date.

You might do this if you have copied a course with assignment dates from a previous term.

To delete an assignment (Assignments tab only)

From the actions menu, click Delete Assignment. If the assignment has an Adaptive Follow-Up, the Follow-Up will be deleted, as well. If you want to retain the assignment, but delete only the Follow-Up, click Delete Adaptive Follow-Up.

Important: If you are working with a copied course, be sure to delete any regular assignments that you don't intend to use in the new course. Doing so eliminates the possibility of inadvertently sequestering items in those assignments.

Examine assignments from a calendar or list view

To check assignment properties, status, and category

Colored shading on the calendar distinguishes among assignments that are not yet due and those that are past due as follows:

  • Not yet due standard Mastering assignment, Adaptive Follow-Up assignment, or Dynamic Study Module assignment
  • Past due assignment of any type

For details, point to an assignment on the calendar to display the information described below.

  • The full title of the assignment
  • Password and time limit icons, if you have specified these settings
  • The due date and time in the time zone for the course
  • Status of Available or Unavailable, which shows whether students can see the assignment now as you are viewing the calendar
  • Availability dates when the students can see the assignment to complete it or review it later
  • Category of the assignment

For specialized assignments, the same data is displayed, with minor differences:

Adaptive Follow-Up assignment: Availability dates begin when the Parent assignment is complete or the due date/time passes, and the category is always Adaptive.

Dynamic Study Module assignment: Is always available to students, and the category is always Dynamic Study Module.

To switch to the List View (Assignments tab only)

Click List View above the calendar. On the List View you can:

  • Sort all assignments in the course by #, title, category, or due date/time
  • Drag assignments into a different sequence and then edit dates

If you copied a course without copying assignment dates, sorting by # is a good way to list assignments in their previous instructional sequence before you assign dates.

About student assignment access

Students can begin working on assignments as soon as you make them available in the course.

How students access assignments from the Course Home

Students can easily check for and open available assignments from their Course Home. (Unlike instructors, student view no longer provides an Assignments tab.) Depending on their preference, students can choose between a list or calendar view of assignments.

  • The student List View option (the default) organizes assignments in the sections Past Due Assignments, Upcoming Assignments, and Completed Assignments. Students can open available assignments and check their completion status for assignments listed within these sections.
  • The student Calendar View option provides both a monthly calendar (with assignments indicated on due dates) and a daily agenda (to the right of the monthly calendar). For today’s date, the daily agenda may show a message like “Nothing due today”, “Next assignment due in x days”, or “2 assignments due in 5 days”. Students can also open available assignments and check their completion status from the daily agenda.

For more about the student Course Home and assignment experience, check out the Mastering Help for students.

See also:

Create a new assignment | Add/Edit an Adaptive Follow-Up | Edit dates for multiple assignments

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