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  • "Strong, inexpensive, and muted design compared to the competition" - By @Semi_Handmade
    This is an awesome incentive chart. All the ones I could find were ridiculously expensive for what is basically a colorful poster. This one was the one. It is poster sized and not too thick and not too thin. It can definitely be laminated but for the cost, I don't mind using until done and getting a new one.

    We use this to mark all the letters and numbers as our 3 year learns them. If find some days she knows 20 letters, the next 16 letters, then the next 23.....apparently that is typical. We don't stress about it (she's three), but make it fun but putting stars for the letters she remembered that day. For her, it's great fun!

    In the past we have used these as chore incentive charts for each of our's also excellent for that.

  • My son is 5 and has autism. He requires structure and we are steadily trying to increase his responsibility and self-help skills. Some of the chores that we received with this product are a little too advanced at the moment, but great to keep around for the future. The stars have been great visual reminders and motivators. I didn't think he would take this as well as he did, but it's been a great help in the house and has really motivated him to brush his own teeth, feed the dog and other responsibilities. School has noticed that he has done much better adjusting since we implemented the chart, as now he has a structure and routine for even non-school days. The back is magnetic, which is great, and we keep it right on the fridge at his eye level. Definitely would recommend this for parents who have special needs ... full review

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